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A website is an invaluable tool for any business, now more than ever, for both you and your client or customer. Your website is your online storefront, and if you don’t treat it seriously, your prospects won’t take your business seriously. As a global solutions company, we offer affordable, appealing and fully functional web solutions to small and medium business. We hold many different options for our clients to choose from.

Web design is more than just a combination of right fonts, colours, lines, shapes, textures, imagery, and navigation. It’s intelligently creating a virtual environment that, while it doesn’t use bricks-and-mortar, employs interactivity and functional features.

We work directly with you turning ideas into solutions. Whether it’s a solo web page or an extensive, database-driven website, we specialise in developing your Internet presence.

At Clickmode we understand every aspect of great web design, development and marketing and can build your site in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your business. We create sites that work perfectly, that look beautiful and that thrive on Google.

How do you really know if a website is working? Because it will increase your traffic, your engagement and your sales. We focus on the bottom line to create websites that work for their business.

A good website must be:





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What Makes Great Web Design?

A great website needs to make the right impression as soon as you load it up. This means it should look highly professional, modern, eye catching and crisp and should feature high resolution images and an intuitive layout. At the same time, it should be effective in immediately communicating what your website is about, who it’s aimed at and what you’re selling if you’re a business. If someone lands on your page and they don’t instantly know what it is that you’re selling/providing then they will likely leave within the minute. Then they need to know where to click, how to get the information they want and what to do next. Don’t be mistaken – a minute is actually a relatively average amount of time for punters to spend on any website!

But these days, it’s not enough for a web design to simply look the part. At the same time, it needs to be designed with SEO in mind so that Google can easily search and index its pages and content. It also needs to work on all manner of different screen sizes and devices. If your site doesn’t use a responsive design for mobile, if it doesn’t have touch-friendly controls, then you are going to get penalized by Google and you’re going to lose visitors.

Your page needs to load quickly, it needs to present information in the right manner and it needs to be free from errors. This is all part and parcel of great web design and web development.

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What type of website do you need?

Your Mobile Responsive Web Design

These days, more and more users are browsing the web on mobile devices instead of desktop computers. This has changed the game as far as web design goes and it’s crucial to make sure your business is keeping up.

At Clickmode, we provide the full range of mobile web design services and can help you to create a site that will operate perfectly on any and all types of devices.

What Is A Mobile Responsive Website?

What makes mobile web design different from other web design?

One big difference is the screen size. Mobile devices will typically have much smaller dimensions than desktop computers, meaning that the same layouts will not necessarily work as effectively.

There are two ways to get around this problem. One is by using a separate ‘mobile site’ that will work with mobile devices specifically. Another is to use responsive design, which means your site will alter dynamically to suit the display it’s being viewed on. Responsive design is by far the preferable approach and has multiple advantages over other strategies – being viewable on a much wider range of devices for instance.

Other considerations also need to be made. Will your choice of typeface work on a smaller display? Do you have too many elements resulting in a crowded look?

Mobile web design also means taking into account the practical considerations of a mobile site. Touch interfaces, for example, will always be different from point and click interfaces – with things like drop down menus being untenable. Other elements like Flash animations simply won’t load on mobile devices and need to be dropped entirely. Page load time optimisation is always important with any website but it becomes even more crucial when a mobile user is viewing your site through their data plan.

E-Commerce Web Store

An e-commerce store can potentially drive a huge amount of sales and a ton of profit for any business and is one of the most effective and scalable business models available. But in order for an e-commerce business to thrive, you need to the right store design and development.

The objective here is to gain your visitors’ trust and to utilise a layout and design that’s easy to use and highly reliable. This can make all the difference in your sales, turnover and profit.

Build Any Store Type!

What makes a great E-Commerce Store design?

The single most important factor is reliability and trust. If you hope to encourage sales then you need a site that reassures your customers when they’re entering their card details. If your site doesn’t look perfectly professional, then they will often simply look elsewhere.

At the same time, e-commerce store design needs to employ a layout that makes it as easy as possible for customers to make purchases.  The ‘buy with one click’ feature of Amazon is one of the biggest secrets to the company’s considerable success; if there are too many stages involved in buying then you will lose business.

At Clickmode, we offer a number of premium store development services at highly competitive rates. We can help you to build any kind of e-commerce store: a WooCommerce or Magento store, or building your store from scratch. We can help you to add features to your store too.

At the same time, we bring with us our considerable expertise in web design and development in order to create stores that look highly professional and beautifully designed and that will inspire absolute confidence in your customers. Our stores operating faultlessly and this ensures that you can focus on marketing and product development without having to worry that your checkout might be losing you business.

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