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If you’re new to digital marketing, you’re probably excited to see the results it can bring your online or offline business. The purpose of digital marketing is to drive more qualified traffic to your site – Do you have a plan for that?
This post outlines the top three digital marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

#1 No Strategy, Goals, or Tracking System

Do you have a written marketing strategy? Without a plan, you’re floating in the virtual wind. A strategy lists important tasks you need to accomplish and the actions you need to take every day to achieve your business goals.

Clearly defined goals are vital for your strategy’s success. By outlining what you want to achieve with your strategy, you can set milestones you need to reach each day, week, and month. You’ll need a tracking system to ensure you’re meeting those daily targets.

#2 Thinking You Don’t Need Social Media

The internet is a complex, dynamic space with billions of daily users going about their business on various platforms. It’s barely been 15-years since Facebook was a fringe site used by college students. Nowadays, FB and the likes of Twitter and Instagram from a large part of our society’s communications.

If you think your business can’t benefit from running social marketing campaigns – you’re leaving money on the table. Social media marketing presents an amazing opportunity to reach a targeted audience, driving more qualified traffic to your landing pages than any other marketing medium.

#3 Neglecting Your SEO

A website, eCommerce store, or landing page is an asset to any organisation, but it’s not doing much for your business if no-one knows it exists. Spending a lot of money on a fully functional website is pointless if you don’t have an SEO budget.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) describes a strategy that optimises your website, making it rank in search and SERP results.

By elevating your search ranking, you increase traffic to your site, driving more business. SEO campaigns take time to produce results, but it’s the most sustainable method of promoting your website and increasing brand awareness.

Wrapping Up – Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

If you have no idea what you’re doing with your digital marketing strategy, do some more research on YouTube and online resources. Alternatively, you could hire a digital marketing team to help you create a plan that delivers results for your online business.

Whether you choose to hire an expert or bootstrap things yourself, the important thing is to take action and start today.

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