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Aspiring digital marketers have the world at their feet. There’s never been a better time in modern history than right now for online marketing. With the pandemic forcing more people online to shop for goods and services, online companies are seeing record revenues in 2020 that expect to continue through 2021.

In Q2 2020, US online sales reach over $200-billion, and you can get yourself a piece of the action with the right digital marketing strategy. Here are a few digital marketing basics you need to know.

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Digital marketing is about one thing – driving qualified traffic to your landing pages or website. Traffic is why you’re in business, and without it, you don’t have any leads, prospects, or customers. Digital marketing strategies include a set of tactics designed to increase unique daily visitors to your offer.

A defined digital marketing strategy includes a plan to drive traffic from multiple online sources, such as blogs, authority sites, and social media platforms. Creating a holistic digital marketing plan helps you get as much reach as possible through multiple online channels.

Digital Marketing Basics You Need To Know

Create a Marketing Strategy

Without a plan, you’re going nowhere. There are several components of an effective digital marketing strategy, and all of them work together to create a synergistic effect, amplifying your results. If you’re bootstrapping your business, you’ll have to dedicate time to researching digital marketing yourself. There are thousands of excellent resources available for free online.

However, if you have the budget and want to fast-track your results, hire a digital marketing agency. Working with skilled professionals reduces your learning curve, helping you achieve the results you need for your online business faster.


Digital Marketing Basics You Need To Know

Launching Campaigns

Digital marketing requires your company to have a dedicated strategy across multiple platforms. Building and managing cam,0aigns across several platforms are challenging for experts, never mind newbies. Therefore, if you’re bootstrapping, we recommend using automated tools to help you launch and manage your campaigns.

There are dozens of useful tools to help streamline your workflows and automate tasks. Research the best digital marketing blogs for helpful information on the best software tools for your digital strategy.


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The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical component of any digital marketing campaign. SEO helps you optimise your website, making it visible to the search engines.

SEO involves a set of tactics designed to boost page speed, loading times, and other beneficial on-page tasks like removing duplicate content and links.

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