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Do you want to know how to start an email list from scratch or keep adding good subscribers? Find out how to build a perfect email list that will give you a great return on your money and help you get more customers.

Email is the best way to advertise because it lets you talk directly to the people who want to hear from you. This gives you a lot of great chances to meet new people and sell your products and services. But before you get too excited, there is one big problem: you must firstly build a good email list.


Your email marketing depends on the people who sign up for your emails. So to keep your campaigns going, you need to grow your list.



Knowing what your audience wants, you can make offers that make people want to sign up for your list.

And when it’s time for someone to sign up, MailerLite gives you the signup forms and landing pages you need to get email addresses from subscribers.

Let’s turn your website visitors and people who already follow you into subscribers.

What is a list of emails?

An email list is a database with the email addresses of people who agreed to get your email campaigns.


It’s a list of email addresses you’ve collected online or in person, like a signup form, an app, or a basic signup form in your store. This guide will show you that there are many ways to collect emails.


The data are just the email addresses. The real magic comes from what you do with them afterwards. Every email list has the chance to become a way to make money.


You can get to know the person on the other end of the line if you take the proper steps. Your list will become a powerful tool with many loyal customers when you talk to your subscribers, listen to what they want, and tailor your solutions to their specific needs.

Why you should start collecting email addresses

“The money is in your email list,” you may have heard someone say. We would say that this is true, but the real value of email marketing is in the long-term relationships you can build.


Email marketing lets you talk to your email subscribers directly, build relationships with them, and turn them from strangers into loyal customers. Of course, this isn’t something that can be done overnight, but with the right plan and enough time, you’ll see that it is possible, whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to grow your email list.


Websites can go down, and social media accounts can be closed… But your email list will always keep you in touch with your audience. Email won’t become outdated any time soon. The safest and most effective way to stay in touch with potential leads is to build an email list.

Start Sending Emails To Your Customers They Can’t Ignore

Building a good email list

Before you start building your list

Building your email list is similar to finding a new friend. When you meet for the first time, you want to make a good impression and find shared interests.


The same is true with email marketing. When someone comes across your brand, it’s up to you to find a common connection and offer them something that kicks off the relationship.


The best email lists are built using this basic formula:

Know what your audience wants – Do you know who you’re writing for and what they want? Once you know your potential customer’s pain points, demographics, interests, and business needs, you can start making content and incentives that will make them happy to give you their email address in exchange for the value you offer. Then, you can use segmentation to make sure that your emails are even more targeted to the different people on your list.


👉 Tip: Send out a survey to your current subscribers to find out what they think of your services and what value they are getting from them.


Create offers that they will like – People look for things that will help them all the time. Your job is to give your audience something of value that makes them want to interact with you. This could be information, a good deal, or anything else that will make their lives easier.


👉 Tip: Give people something of high perceived value they can’t get from anyone else unless they sign up. Sign-ups can be boosted with a giveaway, free stuff, podcasts, webinars, case studies, free ebooks, cheat sheets, special discounts, or exclusive access to content.


⦁ Make it easy for them to subscribe – When your audience takes you up on your offer, you should make it easy for them to sign up right away. Always being able to sign up for something at the right time and place.


👉 Tip: Don’t try to get too much information by asking too many questions. Their email address is all you really need. Then, once you’ve earned their trust, you can ask them for more details.


Consistently share relevant, valuable content – Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to keep your subscribers interested with regular, relevant content. Otherwise, they might start looking for the “unsubscribe” button.


Figure out your content marketing strategy before you start building your email list. How will your email saying “welcome” look? How often will your campaigns go out? How will you make the logo for the email? How are you going to keep people interested over time? Set up a clear content strategy before you start building your email list so you can give people strong, interesting content as soon as they sign up.


👉 Tip: Read this guide on how to write the best content for email marketing to make emails that keep your subscribers interested in you and your business.


These five steps are the basic building blocks of what you need to do to get people to sign up. But you’ll still need to get their attention at the right time when they’re most likely to give you their email address.


10 Easy Tips To Build Your Email List From Scratch


In the real world, when a potential customer comes to you, that is the best time to talk to them. You already know that they are interested in what you do.

Your job is to make them feel welcome, find out what they need, and clearly explain how you can help them.

The same thing happens online! Your homepage, blog, website, and landing pages all do the same thing online. People are on your pages because they want what you have to offer.

If you do it right, you can turn your site into a machine for building email lists with fantastic conversion rates.

So, without further ado, here are 10 simple ways to build your email list quickly…

1.Put forms to sign up on your website.

Every page on your site could be a chance to get people to sign up for your list. Make it easy for people to find the forms for signing up.

The more opt-in forms you have on your site, the more likely people will sign up for your list. There are many places on your site or blog where visitors can find the form, no matter where they are.

With MailerLite’s web form builder, you can make signup forms for your website or blog. In addition, the form can be changed to match your brand and style.

Here are some places on your site that get a lot of traffic:

When you have a blog, the most common place to put a form is at the top of the sidebar. It’s one of the first things people will see when they visit the site.

Building a good email list - Image 2

Your blog is a great place to add people to your list. If your ideas are interesting, people will want to know more. Put an opt-in form and a call to action (CTA) at the end of each blog so that readers can get in touch with you while you’re still fresh in their minds.

Building a good email list

To find your most popular pages, it’s a good idea to look over your Google Analytics. One of the most popular pages on many websites is the about page. Try inserting a form with a compelling call to action or offer in the middle.

Building a good email list
2.Customize your calls to action for each page

Your CTA is the text on the button that makes people want to click! You probably already know the old ones:


Sign up
Register \ Submit \ Download

But you can also tailor your CTA to your audience’s demographics, needs, and wants. You can show how valuable your offer is by using CTAs like:


Get 30 free days
Now try it.
Take this free cookie.
Take 50% off my bill.

And if it’s the right time, you could even use sarcasm, humour, or a lighter tone. These can make people smile, making them even more likely to click!


Yes, I’d like a chance to win. But, no, I don’t like winning.
Let’s goooooo
Be awesome
Put me down.

3.Make pop-ups that are useful

Pop-ups have a mixed reputation, but they can be beneficial when they work well.

Pop-ups get in the way of the user experience for many people, which is the worst thing you can do if you want to get new subscribers. But, at the same time, a study found that pop-ups can increase conversion rates by 40% if used correctly.

There are new ways to use pop-ups that make them less of a bother. For instance, MailerLite’s pop-up feature lets you choose when the pop-up appears. Before showing a pop-up, give your visitors some time to read the content.

With exit-intent pop-up forms, the form pops up right when the visitor is about to leave. This works well for many businesses.

Building a good email list

The sidebox pop-up is another place that gets people’s attention without being annoying. Most of the time, the pop-up doesn’t cover essential information, so it’s not that bad that it gets in the way.

The key is to give your blog and website users a great experience while still using them to get email addresses. Keep an eye on your analytics when you use pop-ups to ensure they don’t hurt your time on site, page views, or bounce rates.

4. Use best practises to improve landing pages

All of your social media channels and outbound marketing efforts (like ads) should lead back to a landing page that was made just to collect email addresses.

Email marketing and social media are both powerful ways to run an online business. So why shouldn’t they work together?

You can find places on social sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to add links that take your followers to a landing page. Remember that you have to give people a reason to click on your link. Contests, giveaways, free downloads, and special deals on products are all good ways to get people’s attention.

When a potential customer clicks on a link to your offer, it’s up to you to ensure your landing page is appealing and gives them all the information they need to convert.

Building a good email list

MailerLite makes it easy for you to design custom landing pages or choose from a library of pre-built templates so you can have one up and running in minutes.

5. Get subscribers in person

A lot has been said about finding subscribers online, but what about offline? We still live in the real world, and there are many ways to meet potential subscribers and ask them to sign up.

Every time you meet someone, whether it’s on a sales call, at a trade show, or in your place of business, it’s a chance to add to your list. But don’t forget that you still need their OK. And if you’re getting people to sign up offline, like with handwritten forms, make sure you use an email validation tool to double-check the mailing list. This will get rid of any typos or addresses that aren’t correct.


6. Start a programme called “Refer a Friend.”

Once your subscribers are happy and interested, you can convince them to tell their friends about it. Referral programmes give your newsletter social proof and make it more personal. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (or, more accurately, the subscriber that keeps on subscribing)!

The Below the Fold newsletter tells subscribers about a special event that they can only go to if they use a unique link in an email to invite at least one other person to subscribe.


7. Hold contests and give things away to get bigger.

Giveaways are a great way to get people talking about your brand quickly and add more people to your email list at the same time. People can sign up for a contest by giving you their email addresses, and then you can sit back and watch your list grow.


8. Use lead magnets to add value

“Yes, but why should I care?” — We always want to know what’s in it for us. This is true in movies and in real life.

A lead magnet is a free item or service that someone gets in exchange for their contact information. To get people to sign up, it helps to give them a little incentive!

Make it worth your time to sign up, whether it’s for a free guide you can download or an exclusive podcast.

Lemon Friday helps authors grow their social media followings. There is a waitlist to join, but they still make it worth signing up. How? By sending out PDF social media calendars every month, you can help people get ahead.

Building a good email list

9. Use quizzes and surveys to your advantage

Share an online quiz or survey, but ask people to sign up to see the results. By the end of the quiz, you’ll have piqued their interest, and they’ll be chomping at the bit to find out the results. A good reason to sign up.

Sunray Specs is a brand of glasses, and they have a quiz that helps people figure out what frames will look best on them. After taking the quiz, people will be able to sign up to see the results and can also check a box to receive marketing emails.

Building a good email list

10. Create exclusivity

When people are trying to decide whether or not to sign up, scarcity and/or exclusivity can be very important. Take a look at this signup form.

Building a good email list

Sounds pretty enticing, right? This is so appealing because only a few people can do it. No one will know what Social Media tips are shared… Unless they sign up for the newsletter, that is. It’s easy, but it works!

Maintain a good email list.

Simply put, a good email list is full of people who want to hear from you and are interested in what you have to say.

When you build your list naturally, your subscribers become a treasure trove of potential revenue just waiting to be tapped. Consider it. People who are interested in your business give you their permission to get to know them. This is a fantastic chance!

On the other hand, if your email list is full of people who don’t care about you, your emails won’t go through or, worse, will be marked as spam. This happens when you buy email lists or keep people on the list who have stopped using email but are still on the list.

List quality is more important than the number of items on a list.

Managing your email list of subscribers is the best way to stay on top of it and keep it in good shape.

Make the lives of your subscribers even better.

Congratulations, you’re starting to get more people to sign up for your list because you’re using the right strategies. But, as your list grows, don’t forget about the people who have already signed up.

Did you know that your email list shrinks every year by about 22.5%?

You work hard to get subscribers, so you don’t want to lose them. Even though it’s normal for some people on your email list to drop off every year, there are a few things you can do to make this less likely.

Yes, it is important to keep your subscribers interested with great content and offers, but MailerLite lets you do so much more to keep your email marketing programme healthy.

The last few chapters of our Ultimate guide to email marketing will help you figure out how to use email marketing in the best way to keep your subscribers happy, and your business is growing.

In the meantime, I hope it goes well for you as you build your email list.

Start Sending Emails To Your Customers They Can’t Ignore

Building a good email list