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This is the question I get asked, over and over again, by clients: How do I stay out of Facebook Jail? Here are some tips to keep in mind, when advertising in Facebook groups, to keep you a “free man”. ?


1. Take a Break Between Posting Your Ad in Different Facebook Groups. Don’t share a bunch of content in a row. Leave some time in between sharing posts to avoid being marked as a spammer.

When posting your advert in multiple Facebook groups, it is also advised to write out two or three text varieties of your ad beforehand and instead of sharing them to multiple groups all at once, individually post your ads in the different groups and change up the content with each posting. This is time consuming, but you stand a way bigger chance of not getting noticed as a spammer and your content won’t be removed.

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2. Be Careful Of Tagging To Many People. Facebook does not really like it when you tag people in posts and images that they are not actually in. Keep it real and avoid spamming people. When tagging people, do not tag more then 10 to 15 people at a time and do not tag people every time you post your ad.

3. Don’t Post Images From Google. Make sure you get your images from a good free image library (like and not from Google images. Using original images is always the best way to go though. Using images you found on Google can mark your account as spam.

4. Try and Join Advertising Groups With Your Facebook Business Page and NOT Your Personal Profile. Make sure you use your real name for your personal account and your business name for your business account/page. Don’t make your personal profile all about business!

5. When posting your ad in a Facebook group, SCROLL DOWN AND INTERACT with other people’s posts or ads before the time! Like, heart, care, laugh or wow them (no sad and angry faces ?). The average post in a group really gets minimum reach if there is no interaction on the post. And by liking and commenting on fellow group member’s posts, you are showing Facebook you “know” them. This increases engagement and Facebook will more likely show your ads on the people’s newsfeed you interacted with as Facebook sees that you have a connection to each other.

If you follow these guidelines, it’s a lot less likely you’ll end up in Facebook Jail – or worse, blocked or banned from Facebook.

Facebook takes these things very seriously and so should you. That being said, at the end of the day, don’t forget that you should be having fun with your account! Post away!

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