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Getting people to visit your website is awesome, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, it’s almost useless. This article will outline 15 proven strategies for getting your website visitors to take action on your site, whether that’s filling out a form, handing over their email address or making a purchase.


1. Simple forms to fill in.

When asking for information in an opt-in email form, ask for as little information as necessary. Adding too many form fields decreases conversions.



2. Keep the input fields optional.

Keep, as many as possible, fields of information optional. Doing this increases the chance that site visitors will complete the form. You can always ask for extra info later.

Are you ready to be found online?

Are you ready to be found online?

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

3. Use real catchy action words.

When testing your calls to action, use words that are describing the action precisely. Visitors will be encouraged to take action. Good words to use are: “grab yours”, “reserve your seat”, etc.



4. Use testimonials.

One of the most compelling web design factors is testimonials. Testimonials provide social proof of your service and reliability. It is important to place testimonials on your site, at strategic places, such as product landing pages as well as on your email opt-in landing pages too.



5. Features tell, but benefits sell.

Clearly state, the benefits of your product or service on your website.
Listing the features of your product is important, but it’s even more important to tell potential customers exactly how your product will help them or solve their problem.



6. The headline is the most important part of any piece of writing.

Your headlines are a critical element of your landing page. Come up with at least ten possibilities before choosing the strongest one.



7. Keep conversion elements above the fold.

Opt-in forms and other conversion elements should be above the fold for optimal results.



8. Excite your potential clients.

Emotionally-charged language and fantastic storytelling is a must to get your visitors eager and excited to try your product or service.



9. Include a photo of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to include a personal (headshot) photo in your sidebar or near your call to actions. It reduces the sense of risk by showing that there’s a real person behind the brand.



10. Include a privacy statement on opt-in forms.

A privacy policy can have a huge impact on your email conversions. In one experiment, changing the wording just slightly resulted in a 19 percent increase in conversions.