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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on search engines, such as Google. SEO aims to push your web pages to the top of organic or unpaid search results pages (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). This way, prospects will find your website when they make queries about your business or queries about a product or service you offer online.



Why Do You Need SEO Today?

Businesses need leads they can convert to customers. Surveys show that SEO ranks highest with growing importance as a source of leads, gaining a grade of 94% — beating social media (85%), emails (79%), and blogs (68%). Studies also found that the level of SEO being carried out by businesses is directly proportional to the conversion rates they get. A business doing basic SEO gets only 2% conversion rate but that percentage rises when the business moves up to more advanced and long term SEO with 10% average conversion rate.

You need SEO to improve your search engine rankings to increase website traffic!



Why Google?

Our SEO methods here at Clickmode, whether on-site SEO or off-site SEO, adhere to Google’s recommendations and regulations. Today, 91% of people online use search engines frequently, and Google takes a commanding 66.80% market share. If you dominate Google, you’ll dominate the search rankings. Clients will find you if they can find you on Google.

Are you ready to be found online?

Are you ready to be found online?

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

White Hat SEO

Unlike some freelancers and agencies, we use “white hat” SEO strategies. Google and other search engines hate “black hat” or dubious optimisation efforts like spamming, keyword stuffing, and cloaking. In fact, our methodologies abide by the latest algorithm updates by Google, such as Penguin and Panda.



What We Do – SEO Services

There are many different ways to improve the search rankings of a website. SEO is a unique business because, unlike being a lawyer or engineer, there is not just one, right way to go about getting results. There are specific elements that have been identified as key factors which are important to the SEO process. It is from constant research, testing, and experience that we have created our particular system for improving client rankings online.

SEO involves the application of complex guidelines and adept techniques in the design, architecture, coding, content, promotion, and linking of your website. It starts with intelligent research on the best keywords or search queries your prospects search in Google.

SEO is a unique process. Most people think there is a magic switch hidden inside their website, that their web developer missed, that if flipped on will boost their site to the top of Google. Unfortunately, this is not normally the case. Occasionally, we run into a website for a large business that is only missing a small piece of the puzzle to get exceptional gains, but this is the exception rather than the norm. There is no sure way to tell unless we review your business. Request a quote for an honest opinion of your website’s SEO status.

Are you ready to be found online?

Are you ready to be found online?

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

Making The Commitment

You will observe that we do not have too much talk on our website about how millions of people are searching for you online and that we have a unique technology that makes them magically show up to your website. The reason for this is because we are not trying to convince people to invest in online marketing. If you are on our website it is because you already know that information. You are here because you are looking for a team that can make it happen.

Making it happen is hard work. It takes hours and hours of writing content, finding the right types of website that are willing to link to yours, and many other activities in order to get to the top of Google and other search engines.

Clickmode prides itself on offering realistic and obtainable results using the best practices known to only the top level of our industry. If you have a severely limited budget we will be happy to help point you in the direction of credible options that better fit your budget. Simply contact us and we will be happy to help.



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