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Hear a testimony from Iaan, Fransie, Hanno and Andre,

the owners of Skitterblink Cleaning services!

They clean houses. We cleaned-up their online presence.

This is their story.

Whether you are a time-crunched homeowner or business owner, a Skitterblink franchise or a Skitterblink employee, our goal is the same: to give you more quality time for yourself and your family. By franchising Skitterblink, we are empowering and developing individuals by offering them the excellent opportunity of having their own business. As a company, we are proudly South African, unashamedly ethical, we stand for uncompromised quality and excellence as a standard, and we believe in knowledge sharing and empowerment. We are family orientated and believe in strong family values as the cornerstone of society. We are actively involved in community transformation.

People search by room four times more often than they search by type of contractor.

The Kitchen is the most searched keyword in the house for work to be done in and is responsible for 25% of all monthly searches.

Bathrooms are the second most common type of room searched with slightly below 25% of searches.

Tip: Develop content around each room and how the services you offer make you an excellent choice for that project.

60 000 Monthly searches are conducted by people looking for qualified contractors.

Handyman –  The most searched for keyword when people are searching for a home contractor with 46,000 monthly searches.

Electrical Contractors – searched for over 34,000 times monthly, consumers search for them using a multitude of keywords such as: electrical contractor, electric contractor, and electrician, making it the highest searched type of contractor.

Roofing Contractors – 11,000 searches are conducted monthly for roofing contractors.

More traffic isn’t always better. The quality of the traffic, how often an online visit becomes genuine business, is the key to success. We can help you attract serious customers seeking your skill set.

150 000 Searches are conducted monthly by people looking for design ideas.

DIY information, plans, and how-tos can bring in business for handymen. A how-to video can be an excellent introduction if it shows that you are warm, competent, and trustworthy. Many people bite off more than they can chew and will come across your website while browsing for inspirational ideas becoming potential customers.

Tip: Customers are hungry for inspiration when they start planning a project. Developing inspirational content like before and after photos can establish you as the right contractor for an on-trend project.

Right now people are searching for your contracting services.
Are you ready to be found?

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Do you have the right content for people finding your business through MOBILE search?

54% are looking
for business hours

53% are looking
for directions

50% are looking
for local store address

Do you have the right content for people finding your business through DESKTOP search?

54% are looking
for business hours

53% are looking
for directions

50% are looking
for local store address

4 Ways People Choose Contractors Online

1. You have 7 seconds to grab a potential customer’s interest online.

Customers no longer read, they scan. Relevant keywords customers are searching for should be prominent. They’ll be looking for the types of services you provide and specialise in (kitchen renovating, roofing, plumbing, etc.), and will want to see photos of your work. This means high-quality pictures of your best work should be showcased on your website. Customers looking for contractors are put off by words such as “discount” and “bargain” so avoid these terms.

Do you have the right information in the right place? We can help.

  • Clearly, communicate why customers should choose you
  • Display photo of your projects (before and after)
  • Don’t hide contact information, hours, and location under “About Us” or “Contact Us”
  • Showcase seasonal information (coupon for air-conditioning tune-up)
  • List of special services (concrete, tree removal, electrical).

2. Customers assess your business based on what they see online.

Customers need to know they can trust you before they will bring you into their home to request a quote. A polished and attractive website conveys your commitment to delivering quality in the work you provide. Let customers-to-be know what they can expect when working with you. The way a contractor site looks says anything from deceptive to credible, experienced or going out of business soon. Make sure that the way you portray yourself online builds trust, and doesn’t sabotage it.

What does your online presence say about your business? Let us help build your image online.

  • Share customer testimonials and references
  • List certifications, licenses, awards, and industry news
  • Share biographies and photos of you and your team

3. Impractical websites are the biggest emotional obstruction for customers.

9% Of sites fail to comply with basic usability principles, and 50% of online sales are lost because visitors can’t find what they are looking for. Many customers who search online are hurried or already frustrated. A disorganised contractor website only adds to that frustration, driving them to look elsewhere for service. Make sure information is readily findable on your site. For example, many flood or storm damage customers want to know their insurance is accepted before they even contact you so it would make sense to list insurance information next to your flood or storm damage service offerings. Customers expect instant gratification, so your website should make it quick and easy to request a quote and contact you.

User-friendliness and professionalism are built into every general contractor website we make.

  • Accessible forms for bid requests
  • Click-to-call
  • Mobile-friendly HTML design
  • Speed and dependability, no loading or do

4. Satisfied customers need to be reminded that you exist.

Make sure your business is top-of-mind by developing a presence where your customers spend their free time. For example, many customers will search for do-it-yourself help when it comes to projects around the house. As the professional expert, your construction website can provide helpful advice to keep customers interested and showcase your knowledge and skills. Engaging with your clients will earn you their continued trust (and future business) and positive references.

How do you stay top of mind? Clickmode can help.

  • Consistent listings on Google, Maps, Yelp, and more
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • DIY content (simple plumbing or electrical)

Right now people are searching for your contracting services.
Are you ready to be found?

Or Call +27 (0)82 203 4180

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